BlueMotion Technology

Helping you drive more efficiently and saving you money on fuel.

Engine & Transmission

Engine & Transmission

Engines offering refined power, even at low revs, and better than ever fuel economy. Transmissions designed to suit your driving style.

Driver Assistance

Driver Assistance & Safety

Driver Assistance systems offering a smoother and safer drive.

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

Available as an option, Adaptive Cruise Control helps avoid accidents by keeping your vehicle a safe distance from the traffic ahead. It means you can cruise safely and comfortably on a long journey. This technology works using the radar-controlled Front Assist area monitoring system with City Emergency Braking system. It can detect traffic ahead and adjusts your speed to maintain a constant gap between you and the vehicle in front. If you get too close, audio and visual signals will be displayed, and if necessary, emergency braking triggered.

Driver Alert

Overtired drivers cause up to 25 per cent of motorway accidents, so it’s important to take a break on long and tiring journeys. Our new Driver Alert System gives an early warning for when you need a break and makes motorway driving safer. It works by carefully monitoring driver behaviour, tracking wheel movements and lane deviations - so it can judge when you start to feel sleepy. If the system senses you starting to lose concentration, it will alert you with a warning sound via the dashboard visual display.

Brake Assist

Our Brake Assist system is designed to help in emergency or panic braking situations. This safety function can substantially shorten your car's stopping distance, although it's so smooth in operation you'll hardly notice it working. The system detects that full braking power is needed and automatically boosts the brake pressure up to the ABS threshold, and continues to do so whilst you keep the brake pedal pressed down. If you then ease off the pedal, the system will reduce the brake pressure again to match the brake pedal's position.

City Emergency Braking

Driving around town there’s an increased number of hazards to avoid. The City Emergency Braking System is an innovative technology that helps avoid collisions under these conditions. Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) also includes the Front Assist area monitoring system with City Emergency Braking System. Automatically activated at speeds under 19mph, this system detects critical distances, warns of hazardous situations and if the driver fails to brake and a collision is imminent, triggers emergency braking. This can reduce the severity of an accident and even avoid a crash.

Lane Change Assist - Side Scan

Available as an option, Side Scan displays a warning signal on the exterior mirror as soon as one of its sensors detects a vehicle in a blind spot during a lane change.

Rear-view Camera

The optional rear-view camera gives you an optimised view of the area behind your vehicle. The system utilises the screen integrated into the media system which helps you navigate a safe route when reversing.


The new Transporter


Standard on the latest generation Transporter and Caddy, DAB+ is the new way to receive radio with much clearer sound quality. You can now listen to your existing favourite stations without noise interference and loss of sound quality.

On top of all the usual FM stations you can listen to a much wider selection of additional digital stations, so you'll find plenty to suit your own particular interests. There’s also no need to remember frequencies - you can just use the radio station names. All DAB+ radios have an LCD display showing the station you're listening to.

Audio & Communication Systems

Our Composition Colour DAB+ radio system is fitted as standard across our new Caddy and Transporter model ranges. It features a 5" TFT touch-screen, USB port, Bluetooth®, SD card slot, AUX-IN interface, and CD drive.

The optional Composition Media system features an increased screen size of 6.33“ with proximity sensor. Discover Media Navigation builds on the strengths of the Composition Media system and includes a second SD slot compatible for map data. It includes free updates for European maps through Volkswagen MapCare. App-Connect is available as an option on these systems.

Technical Glossary

Technical Glossary

Puzzled by a technical term? Our A to Z Glossary can help.