BlueMotion Technologies

Delivering miles more

BlueMotion Technology is available on most models across the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles range. To find vehicles with these technologies, look out for 'BlueMotion Technology' or 'BMT' in the description when browsing the range. Alternatively, take a look at our flagship BlueMotion models featuring aerodynamically optimised design.


Allows you to save fuel by automatically turning the engine off when you stop and engage neutral. As soon as it’s time to move, the engine starts up again. A simple, but highly effective system.

If you're driving an automatic, it's even easier; at a standstill, the system automatically deactivates your engine whenever you've stepped on the brake and reactivates it whenever you press the accelerator.

Low rolling resistance tyres

Low rolling resistance tyres are part of our BlueMotion Technologies and are fitted to most of our BlueMotion Technology and flagship BlueMotion models.

These don’t need to work as hard to get your van moving (and keep it rolling) which is especially useful when shifting heavy loads. This reduces engine work and in turn, aids fuel consumption.

Regenerative braking

When you're trying to save energy while driving it makes sense to recover it where you can. With Regenerative Braking, the energy usually lost during braking is stored and then used for acceleration or starting.

When you brake, the energy recuperation system uses momentum to turn the alternator and charge the battery. A well charged battery results in the engine doing less work, which in-turn saves fuel.

Hill Hold Assist *

On inclines, Hill Hold Assist helps you make a smooth and efficient getaway. It works by holding the brakes on for a short time, meaning you don’t need to rev the engine unnecessarily.

* Hill Hold Assist is included as fourth element of BlueMotion Technology on Caddy models only.

BlueMotion Technologies

Helping you drive more efficiently and saving you money on fuel.