Super-efficient diesel engines for power with economy.

Our Turbocharged Direct Injection (TDI) diesel engines are responsive and fun to drive, as well as being very efficient. They offer more power, with great fuel economy, which all helps to lower emissions.

Why drive a TDI?

- You'll enjoy the savings. Economical fuel consumption, long service and maintenance intervals, plus low emissions keep costs low.

- You'll love the drive. Our turbo diesel engines offer exceptional torque even at low revs.

- You'll feel the power. High levels of pulling power over a wide rev range offer real driving pleasure.

How does it work?

Fuel needs oxygen to burn, so the engine is supplied with huge quantities of air.

Driven by the exhaust gases, it squeezes air more tightly into the cylinders. After being drawn through the turbocharger the air is then cooled by passing it through an air to air intercooler (cool air takes up less space than hot air), before entering the combustion chamber where diesel is injected directly into the cylinders at very high pressure through a nozzle. It's this intensive mixing of highly atomised fuel with the cooled compressed air that leads to better, more efficient combustion.

TDI engines are powerful, even at low revs, and economical across the entire speed range. So you save money on fuel costs and emit less CO2. Not just that - your driving experience is quiet and refined because effective sound insulation keeps noise to a minimum, while hydraulic engine mounts ensure smooth, low-vibration running.