Maximised efficiency,
minimised downtime

Your fleet is the lifeblood of your business. Choosing the right one is a decision you should only make with a trusted partner. Count on our nationwide network, flexible servicing and simple finance packages to run your fleet more efficiently.

Fleet servicing

Service, maintenance and repairs

We understand that you want every vehicle operating at peak performance. Our award-winning maintenance options help you do just that, while making budgeting easier and offering exceptional value. We can also give you the support you need if you choose to service your own fleet.

Larger fleets

Fleets running over 100 vehicles can expect a tailored service and beneficial terms on everything from labour rates to oil costs.

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If you prefer to manage your own fleet servicing, we can help your technicians get the very best out of your vehicles.

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Business tools

Reducing your costs

We know you’re under pressure to run your fleet as efficiently as possible, which is why we offer a suite of tools that make life easier and can help you achieve valuable savings, mile after mile.

Business centre

Contact the fleet team

Our dedicated Business Centre support team provides fleet managers with the best professional service and advice.

Here's how to reach us...

Fleet Sales:

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Email us on support@gfbcvwvans.co.uk