, 2019-07-05 00:05:51

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Say Balls to Cancer

You get your van checked, so why not yourself?

Your van is your livelihood, so you know how important it is to give it regular check ups. But are you as careful when it comes to your own health?

In the UK, around 2,500 men are diagnosed with testicular cancer every year, yet 98% of cases can be completely cured if caught early enough.* 

So there’s a very good reason to give yourself a regular service, and checking for testicular cancer is really easy to do too.

But why are we at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles telling you all this?



*All data from Balls to Cancer.


It’s because we care about the people who drive our vans as much as we care about the vans themselves (and that’s a lot), so for Male Health Awareness Month we’ve partnered with Balls to Cancer, a UK-based charity working hard to raise awareness of male cancers and catch them early when they're most curable. 

We’re encouraging you (and anyone else you might fancy mentioning it to) to get into the habit of checking ALL of your vital equipment on a regular basis. Just one check a month could be enough to beat the disease, should it ever happen to you.

We've also kitted out a Volkswagen Crafter van as a mobile clinic and it will be visiting selected Van Centres offering free advice from a qualified nurse on how to check yourself out, as well as answering any awkward questions.


Join us in saying Balls to Cancer.

Balls to Cancer contribute to research into male cancers and provide support for those who are fighting cancer. If you’d like to join us in supporting their efforts, you can donate here.