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CV Show Live 2018
Showcasing the must-see highlights from world of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.


Every April, thousands of customers and businesses alike come together to discover and discuss breaking news and innovations relating to an essential part of their business: the vehicles that keep them moving. And of course, we’re there to show our customers first-hand what they can look forward to over the coming year.

We understand that your business is personal

That’s why this year we wanted to make you feel at home. Our stand at 2018’s CV Show was customised to feel like a living room, creating a relaxed, natural setting for us to welcome visitors. What better way to discuss the different ways we can work with you to help make your business more successful in the coming year?

2018’s looking bright. Discover the developments lighting the way.

Couldn’t attend the event in person? Not to worry, we’ve summarised all the latest news right here.

The market conditions for electric vehicles are increasingly favourable… Soon, electrifying your business will make both environmental and economic sense.”

e-Crafter: an electrifying future

There’s a lot of buzz around electric vehicles right now. We’re increasingly accustomed to seeing electric cars on the road. At the CV Show, customers could see for themselves the new e-Crafter that is currently being trialled in the UK. With an anticipated range of around 100 miles, the ability to charge to 80% in just 45 minutes, and the same load volume and technology that makes the Crafter such a hit, the e-Crafter was certainly turning heads at the show.

The market conditions for electric vehicles are increasingly favourable: an ever-growing electric charging infrastructure and rapidly advancing technology make electric vehicles more appealing than ever. Governments, and in particular city councils, are adopting a ‘carrot and stick’ approach to encouraging electrification, by imposing penalties (such as the London Congestion Charge) on combustion engines while waving these fees for electrics. Some are even offering free parking, charging and use of bus lanes. So in the future, choosing an e-Crafter for your business could make both environmental and economic sense.

Putting the Crafter through its paces

For those of you that couldn’t wait for the release of the e-Crafter to experience what it’s like to drive one, we offered the opportunity to put the award-winning Crafter panel van to the test at our off-site Crafter Driving Experience. It was great to see so many of you challenge your driving skills and test out the Crafter’s technical features in three challenges. Based around agility, urban driving and towing a trailer, the challenges showed how the Crafter’s electro-mechanical steering system, park assist, reversing cameras, side protect assist and trailer assist help make light work of the toughest driving jobs.

Watch the driving experience in action 

Helping you get a lot of extras for just a little extra

As a business owner, we know that you’re always looking for the best deal possible. We’re here to make it a little easier for you with the introduction of our Business Packs.

Available on three of our most popular models, the Caddy, Crafter and Transporter, our Business Packs will let you drive away an upgraded van for less than you think. You can upgrade your van to include rear parking sensors, air-conditioning, an alarm and more for a reduced cost – in fact, you could save up to 50%*.

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* Customer saving example based on Crafter with the options being purchased as a part of the "Business Pack" rather than individually. Pricing correct as of April 2018.


What better way to show off our Business Packs than with the new Crafter Dropside? Designed for the toughest of jobs, the Crafter Dropside keeps men, materials and machines mobile. Need to transport your team? The double cab gives you space for a crew of seven people – and with a built-in storage compartment under the rear seat, their tools can come along for the job too. 9.6m2 of loading space lets you take on the biggest of jobs. And of course, the Business Pack is a perfect addition to help ensure every job is as enjoyable as possible.

Our new Mobile Service Clinic vans bring the workshop to your doorstep

The more time your vehicles spend in the workshop, the less time they’re spending on the road benefiting your business. Not to mention the time lost to traffic and travelling to your local van centre. But what if rather than going to the service centre, the service centre came to you? That’s the concept behind our new Mobile Service Clinic vans, which are well equipped to carry out a range of useful services. A fully trained engineer will visit you wherever it’s more convenient, and at a time that suits you. They’re able to perform MOT repairs, vehicle inspections, ODIS diagnostics and minor warranty work. Customers at the CV Show were able to experience first-hand how our new fleet of Mobile Service Clinic vans can help maximize the amount of time their vehicles spend on the road.

Curious about how our Mobile Service Centre vans can help your business? Find out more


Explore your dark side

It’s hard to stroll past the Amarok Dark Label without stopping to admire it’s rugged, confident styling. The Dark Label is every inch the powerful, supremely confident off-roader you know and love, with its 204PS V6 TDI engine and 4MOTION drive capable of tackling the toughest of terrain. But more than that, the Dark Label really looks the part: moody and magnificent with deliciously dark Carbon Steel paint finish, understated matt black side bars and door handles, 18-inch “Rawson” anthracite alloy wheels – and that’s just the beginning. Customers were delighted by this luxurious off-roader; finally there’s an all-rounder for those who value style as much as substance.

Find out more about the Amarok Dark Label: Special Edition

Check out the best of the show to get a flavour of how the event was received by those lucky enough to attend. If you’d like to learn more about how our Working with You promise can help to keep your business moving, contact your local Van Centre for more details.