Crafter Conversions - Legislation


From 1 January 2012 new European legislation will be enforced that affects vehicles of certain weights. These vehicles will have to meet new exhaust emissions standards that depend on their final weights, including any conversion. These emissions standards determine which engine a vehicle can have, depending on the vehicle's final reference mass. In the case of the 136PS engine the type approval document is only valid for a vehicle mass of 2840kg or less.


Crafter Legislation

What is 'reference mass'?

In the legislation the final weight of the vehicle is called the reference mass. There is a simple sum to determine the reference mass:

Reference Mass = (unladen weight - 75kg) + 100kg + conversion weight


What vehicles will this legislation affect?

It affects all Crafters with 136PS engines that will be registered after 1 January 2012. However, because the legislation is based on weight, it only affects Crafters that have substantially heavy conversions added to them. Even the heaviest Crafter that we offer, the crafter Maxi LWB, has an unladen weight of just 2335kg, which is much lighter than the 2840kg reference mass limit. The legislation will therefore only affect customers who are adding a heavy conversion to their Crafters.

If this sounds like you, be sure to check that before you convert your vehicle, its reference mass will be 2840kg or less.


What is this new emissions legislation all about?

The emissions standards for Euro V engines in the Crafter segment are changing. From 1 January 2012 two new emission categories will be introduced within Euro V: light duty emissions and heavy duty emissions. Engines will be classed as either light duty emissions engines or heavy duty emissions engines, depending on how they are tested to get type approval. The vehicle's final weight, including any conversion, will determine which engine a vehicle can have, light duty or heavy duty.

What does this mean for customers?

From our Crafter range ony the 136PS engine is classed as light duty emissions. All other engines are classed as heavy duty emissions. Volkswagon Commercial Vehicles declared the heavy duty emissions engines early in the legislation's life, so we have permission to use them in any vehicle, regardless of its final reference mass. The vehicle's reference mass including any conversion determines what engine can be used. If the vehicle has a reference mass of up to and including 2840kg then it can have any engine from the Crafter range. If the vehicle has a reference mass of more than 2840kg then it can have any engine from the Crafter range, except for the 136PS engine.


Are there structural differences between light duty emissions and heavy duty emissions engines?

No. The differences are just in the way the engines are tested, which determines the type approval certificate that an engine gets. There are no component differences. For example, the heavy duty emissions engine does not have stronger components, as the name implies.

As a customer, do I need to think about this?

Yes. Be sure that before you order the 136PS, you know what the reference mass of the vehicle will be. If you don't have this information, you're not ready to order yet. If your vehicle's final weight exceeds 2840kg, you won't be able to register it.
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