Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Diesel info update

Latest Update

We would like to reassure our customers that we continue to work with the relevant approval authorities to ensure the release of technical measures for vehicles requiring the EA 189 service action.

Although technical measures have been ratified by the relevant type approval authority, each model and engine derivative must go through testing prior to the technical measure being released.

What is happening now?

As of the 1 November 2016, Volkswagen Group UK has received approval to release technical measures for over 475,000 affected vehicles.

The number of vehicles receiving approval will continue to increase as technical measures are developed, tested and approved by the relevant transport authorities. The process is complex, with multiple models, engine variants and gearbox configurations, but please be assured that we continue to work to release the technical measures for the remaining affected vehicles.

When will the technical measure be available for my vehicle?

Our intention is to release technical measures for all remaining vehicles with an outstanding EA 189 service action throughout November or December 2016. Implementation of these technical measures will however continue into 2017 via our Authorised Repairer network.

Is my vehicle safe to drive?

Yes. You’ll be reassured to hear that independent testing authorities have confirmed that there will be no negative impact on engine performance, maximum torque, fuel consumption, noise and CO2 emissions as a result of having this update applied.

In addition, all vehicles requiring the EA 189 service action remain safe and roadworthy.

All Volkswagen Commercial vehicles with EU6 engines are not affected.

Do I need to do anything?

If you have received a letter from us asking you to book your vehicle in for the EA 189 service action, you can find your nearest Volkswagen Van Centre here.

If you are yet to hear from us that the technical measure for your vehicle has been released, no action is required from you at this time.

Once the specific technical measure for your vehicle is released, we will write to you directly with details of how to book your vehicle in for this service action.

The registered keeper details for our mailings are provided by the DVLA. If you are no longer the owner of this vehicle you must inform the DVLA of the new owner’s details or if the vehicle has been scrapped or written off.

Information on how to do this can be found at