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JC Payne

JC Payne

JC Payne Converters

JC Payne operates from a 90,000 sq. ft factory using a semi-flow line bodybuilding programme, designed and constantly updated to achieve the most efficient building process for our customers.

We have been involved in the Commercial Vehicle industry for over 30 years and also work with our sister companies Brandrick Commercials and Otis Vehicle Rentals, supplying quality new and used vehicles and a commercial vehicle rental solution to the industry respectively.

JC Payne has been both certified with an ISO 9001:2008 certificate by ACS Registrars and issued a Conformity of Production clearance by the Vehicle Certification Agency, both as indication of the company’s high levels of quality control.

The company’s business’ operating policy provides for processes that ensure high levels of quality control are consistently maintained in not just production but engineering, administration, sales and all other departments within the organisation. Such a quality assurance system allows for the development of even better production techniques and standards of builds, as well as the retention of a comprehensive profile of each body.

We start by using the latest CAD software to ensure that your body’s design meets your exact requirements - also making sure that the proposed chassis is matched for technical specification and legal compliance.

From there, our team builds your product using advanced automated production techniques. With a process unique to this sector of the market, we can guarantee that every order is built to consistent quality standards.

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