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The Cold Consortium Ltd

The Cold Consortium Ltd

The Cold Consortium Ltd

Cold Consortium Converters

THE COLD CONSORTIUM Ltd, are Approved and Recognised Vehicle Converters and Body-Builders by the World’s major Vehicle Manufacturers, meeting their demanding requirements to give you, the End-User, peace of mind, knowing that the Body Work carried out by us is in accordance with stringent guidelines laid down by the Vehicle Manufacturers. ISO 9001:2008 Certification and Procedures are part of our on-going commitment to improved product and customer satisfaction.

We have developed the best products available for the Light Commercial Vehicle Temperature Controlled Market, and are committed to developing our Product Range further to keep up with the continuously changing market requirements.

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Refrigerated / Temperature controlled vehicles
Caddy, Transporter & Crafter
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01430 861373
Unit 8
Holme Industrial Estate, Skiff Lane
Holme on Spalding Moor
York - YO43 4BB

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