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Protect your investment with state-of-the-art driver safety camera from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

  • Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles’ camera offers latest in in-vehicle technology
  • Partnership with class-leading equipment manufacturer Kenwood
  • Camera able to record in dark and bright conditions with built-in GPS
  • Priced from £175, the DRV-410 is available to order across Van Centre network
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14 February 2017

With ‘crash for cash’ scams costing British drivers around £340 million* per year, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has partnered with leading technology firm Kenwood to offer customers a class-leading dashboard camera designed to help protect road users from this costly growing trend.

The DRV-410 is the latest in state-of-the-art equipment designed to record a driver’s eye view of the road ahead and provide an effective deterrent against fraudulent claims. With the capacity to record in both dark and light conditions, the windscreen mounted dash camera’s High Dynamic Range technology will not under or over expose the images, which are displayed in a smooth and clear format for drivers.

Not only that, the Dash Cam’s wide angle lens captures the entire road ahead and ensures all angles are covered in the unfortunate event of a collision, giving Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle drivers further peace of mind.

DRV 410

In addition to visual recording, it also offers drivers a clear and audible initial warning to help avert front end collisions, lane departure and departure delay, potentially lowering the risk of accidents at all times of the day and night.

To maintain a safe distance between vehicles, the advanced video camera gives a warning sound if approaching too closely, at speeds of 19 mph or faster. A warning sound also notifies drivers when their vehicle is changing lanes at speeds of 37 mph or above, if the car in front is late to move off or if the vehicle starts to move backwards, acting as an effective safety sensor.

The DRV-410 is a piece of class-leading equipment offering a CMOS Image Sensor, HDR technology and safety features. A built-in highly sensitive GPS system automatically records driving information such as speed, altitude and longitude.

Trevor Hodgson-Phillips, head of service and parts at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, comments: “All commercial vehicle drivers need the best possible equipment available and the new DRV-410 is an exceptional piece of kit. With its expert safety features and HDR technology, it provides state-of-the-art assistance to drivers in warning them of potential accidents, lane departures and capturing footage of the entire road ahead.”

The DRV-410 is priced from £175 (fitted excluding VAT) and available to order from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles’ Van Centres and Authorised Repairers. For more information, please visit www.volkswagen-vans.co.uk.

*IFB 2014 - https://www.insurancefraudbureau.org/insurance-fraud/crash-for-cash/

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