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Everything we create is engineered to work with you and make doing business easier, smarter, quicker, more comfortable and more convenient.

Engine & Transmission

Engines offering refined power, even at low revs, and better than ever fuel economy. Transmissions designed to suit your driving style.

City Emergency Breaking

City Emergency Braking

This technology greatly improves peace of mind and safety, especially for people working in multiple city locations such as delivery drivers. The system activates at speeds of 18mph or less and uses sensors to detect impending collisions. When another vehicle starts getting close, it primes the brakes so they can be used more quickly. If it gets too close, the system brakes automatically and completely stops the vehicle.

Park Assist

Park Assist

Did you know most bumps and scrapes occur whilst parking? Active Park Assist helps eliminate this risk by parking the vehicle for you automatically. To use the system, you just press a button and the vehicle uses multiple sensors to steer itself into the tightest parking spots. All you have to do is sit back, work the pedals and let the technology do the work.

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Technical Glossary

Puzzled by a technical term? Our A to Z Glossary can help.

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