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Solutions PCP

Solutions Personal Contract Plan allows you to make payments over a period of time, which may be a more flexible alternative to Hire Purchase. You can choose to put down a small sum initially and then defer a proportion of the vehicle’s value until the end of the agreement, which could reduce your payments and allows you to decide later whether you want to keep, return or exchange the vehicle for a new one.

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How does Solutions PCP work?

You choose your initial payment (deposit), how many miles you will drive a year, and the length of your agreement. 

This is used to work out your monthly payments and optional final payment, which give you the ability to plan ahead with a fixed monthly outgoing. 

At the end of your agreement you can then choose to: 

  1. Hand the vehicle back (subject to excess mileage and damage charges);
  2. Trade in your vehicle as a deposit for a new one; 
  3. Pay the optional final payment and keep the vehicle.  

The benefits of Solutions PCP

Lower monthly payments 

By deferring a chunk of the amount you finance to the end of the contract, it means your monthly payments will be lower than if you spread the whole cost.

Keeps your options open

You don't have to decide what to do with the vehicle until the end of your contract, giving you the flexibility and protection needed to make the right choice for your circumstances. 

Protected from the vehicle losing value

We guarantee the final payment at the end of the contract as long as it comes back in the mileage and condition agreed. This protects you from any unexpected falls in the value of your vehicle and enables you to plan ahead with your finances. 

Get a new vehicle more often

The flexibility built into your agreement means you can keep upgrading your vehicle regularly. Great if you want to always stay in warranty, not have to deal with the long term ownership costs, or want the excitement of always driving the latest model. 

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Would Solutions PCP suit me?

The flexibility of Solutions PCP means it is great for a range of individuals. It may be the best option for you if:

  • You think your needs may change in the next 2-3 years
  • Drive a low or moderate amount of miles each year
  • Always want to be driving the latest Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle
  • Want to be protected from unexpected depreciation


The end of your agreement

At the end of a Solutions PCP agreement you have the choice of 3 options: 

  • Exchange your vehicle for a new one

  • Keep your current vehicle

  • Hand the vehicle back


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