The ID. Buzz – as a source of inspiration


The ID. Buzz – as a source of inspiration

What happens when the ID. Buzz meets one of the most creative 3D art collectives in Europe? The Barcelona-based design duo Boldtron are known for their surreal works of art in 3D, computer-generated imagery and virtual reality. Just like the ID. Buzz, the work of the two brothers is based on the latest digital and innovative developments in technology. They deliberately follow unusual paths, try what’s never been tried before and constantly reinvent themselves. The ID. Buzz is now their inspiration for a very special creation.

Digital art


A genuine Boldtron is instantly recognisable: the futuristic 3D elements in the surrealistic design combine various digital material structures into artistic sculptures. One of the most distinctive features is Boldtron’s affinity to modelling balloons, which can be seen in many of their digital structures. The approach is organic and manual at the same time, the output is purely digital. But that wasn’t always the case, because one half of Boldtron worked as an illustrator and art director in Europe and Asia. After more than twenty years as a globe-trotting design nomad, he returned to Barcelona and opened his own design studio. Five years ago, his brother joined. The pair’s work is based on experimentation, research and the development of new technologies. This way, they have created an unmistakably distinctive style of art.

Our main task is to release energy with our art, and this energy is always driven by something positive.

Inspired by the future

For the two Spanish artists, the ID. Buzz is more than just an innovative vehicle. They interpret the ID. Buzz as an enabler for freedom and a positive feeling for life. And that’s no wonder, because the ID. Buzz is much more than just another fully electric vehicle: it stands for the future of mobility in the transporter segment, for innovative engineering and above all for willingness to take new paths. Its digital driving comfort is already designed for tomorrow’s  fully autonomous vehicle operation.

Boldtron in front of a staircase.

The design of the ID. Buzz sets new standards – reminiscent of the original Volkswagen bus while also paying a unique homage to the era of electric mobility. Boldtron recognised this right away.

Boldtron drawing.

For the two 3D designers, the ID. Buzz is an absolute source of inspiration. Turning it into a work of art in their own inimitable style was a unique opportunity for them. “With the ID. Buzz sculpture, we want to express the feeling of freedom – in a future-oriented way.” The rounded forms resemble the futuristic, voluminous style elements for which Boldtron are renowned. And the pair also play in the same way with the forms and the futuristic design of the ID. Buzz. What’s special about it is that the entirely digitally created work of art will be transferred to the real world – in the form of an installation.

That’s what we want to do, who we are and how we spread our message – with works of art.

A central theme of the artists is the interplay between the digital world and the real world. “For us, there are no longer any boundaries between the real and the surreal – the digital world is limitless.” They also prove that with the ID. Buzz: “We’re glad that people can really experience this feeling, more than just watching it digitally on a screen.” With the ID. Buzz, a work of digital art becomes a reality on the road.

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