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Fleet vehicles

Vehicles for the job. Partners for the journey.

You need a fleet that your customers and drivers can rely on. And you need to work with partners who’ll put your business first. We’ll help you select the right vehicles for the job, support your fleet management and keep you on the road, day in and day out. With our new centralised billing you can even settle bills for all services and repairs through a single account, making it simple to see how much you’re paying for everything, no matter who books the work or where.

  • Telematics

    A comprehensive fleet telematics solution

    Fleet tracking gives you vital information you can use to reduce your running costs, increase productivity and manage your drivers’ downtime. Our van trackers send real-time data to your desktop, tablet or smartphone so you know where every vehicle is, all the time. We can help you manage your fleet telematics to optimise journeys for fuel economy, minimise downtime and get the most out of your vehicles.

  • Whole life costs

    Making your calculations count

    When you’re selecting your fleet it’s important to look at the whole picture. Opting for quality engineering saves you money over time. Choosing an efficient and reliable vehicle helps you keep fuel and maintenance costs low, reduces depreciation over time, and keeps your business on the road for longer.

    Whole life costs

Working with you to build and maintain your fleet

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is the perfect partner to support your fleet services. We’ll help you find the vehicles, financing and servicing that’s right for your business. Choose from a huge range of award-winning vans and conversions.

Discover our range

Our extensive range means you can build a fleet that fits your needs exactly. From panel vans and pick-ups to passenger vehicles, and the option of conversions, we’ll help you choose what works best for your business.

Finance packages

We have a wide range of finance packages, giving you the flexibility to pick payment plans that suit your budget and the way you do business. Hire purchase, personal contracts, leasing – it’s all here, and more.

Servicing options

Our award-winning service plan options let you split the bill in a way that suits your business. And our Van Centres and Mobile Service options offer flexibility when you need them so you can stay on the road without draining your budget.

Contact the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles fleet team

Our dedicated fleet manager support team are here to help you, with expert advice and the best possible service. You can call on 0800 009 3447 or email at support@gfbcvwvans.co.uk 

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