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Visibility of your fleet can be a challenge. Telematics gives you the insight to reduce running costs, increase productivity and manage downtime.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Telematics, the complete solution for your fleet.

We have partnered with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle Finance and the RAC to provide a telematics solution. Providing all of the information your business needs to reduce running costs, monitor driver behaviour and increase productivity.

How does it work?

Getting setup

Getting set-up

Your local Van Centre will install a small unit into each vehicle within your fleet.

Gaining visibility

The unit sends real-time data to your desktop, tablet or smartphone, offering total fleet visibility and the potential for real savings.

Improving productivity

You can then keep track of your fleet and potentially achieve real savings for your business.

  • Product Highlights

    For your business, using telematics could mean faster deliveries, extra-efficient journeys and more time to actually do the work. Time saved. Cash saved. Job done

  • Mileage and CO2 calculator

    Using the vehicle's journey and speed data, the portal will calculate accurate mileage and CO2 emissions. This provides you with precise mileage data and HMRC compliant expense reports.

  • Vehicle tracking

    Via the portal you have full visibility of routes taken and live traffic updates. This allows you to monitor journey times, driving speed and improve route optimisation.

  • Driver behaviour

    Using the portal you can view driver behaviour; this is displayed as a driver score allowing you to monitor driving style, improve driver safety and reduce fleet risk. This is data with potential for insurance reductions.

  • Manage downtime

    You want more support for your fleet, so we’ve added more to Telematics. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Telematics includes our Driverline service. The experts at Driverline will use your telematics data to help you plan your vehicles’ servicing and downtime by proactively contacting you to schedule servicing. Driverline will work with you to manage downtime, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business.

  • Suitable for almost any fleet

    Even though every fleet is different, the desire to run it efficiently is the same. That’s why our solution works on almost any vehicle you may run alongside your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, with no compromise on fleet visibility.

How to get Telematics

Talk to your local Van Centre to see how telematics by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles can help your business.

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