, 2019-01-22 15:18:18
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Transporter shuttle

The perfect shuttle

The Transporter shuttle is the ideal choice for families, organisations and groups. From airlines and hotels to taxi companies who need to transport up to nine passengers (including the driver) in comfort and style, it's the ideal choice.

Customised transport

A choice of seat packages, mutliple storage areas and a range of electronic features make the Transporter your perfect shuttle.

A dynamic driving experience

The Transporter shuttle exceeds expectations with its advanced engine technology and low fuel consumption

Stay informed, keep entertained

The Transporter Shuttle features modern infotainment systems and innovative mobile online services. Stay informed on the road and reach your destination quickly and safely.

Your second pair of eyes

The practical driver assistance and safety systems in the Transporter support you in critical situations, when parking or changing lanes and more.

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