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Vehicle Overloading

Vehicle Overloading

Every business is different therefore it’s important to choose the right van to suit the job.

Find out the payload of your vehicle

UK businesses operate over 3 million vans on the roads each year, and our research has found that over half of these vans are driven overloaded. As an owner or operator it’s a simple truth that overloading vans will be costly to your business, with increased wear and tear on the vehicle and by incurring legal fines.

  • Caddy

    Compact yet remarkably capable, the Caddy’s city-friendly dimensions and car-like drive make it a package that delivers on every level.

    The Caddy offers payloads of 544kg - 767kg. The largest payload can roughly hold:
    30 bags of sand
    383 bricks
    19 general MDF boards (based on Caddy Maxi model)
    The Caddy is powered by the latest 1.6 litre and 2.0-litre TDI engines, making it quiet, refined and with low emissions that are fully EURO5 compliant.

    Check Gross Vehicle Weight

Before you set off check your payload


  • Remember that the GVW is different to payload capacity – GVW includes the weight of the vehicle, driver, load and any passengers
  • Distribute the load evenly to avoid overloading axles that can make the vehicle unstable – It’s possible to be under the GVW but still have an overloaded axle
  • Check your GVW before setting out by using a weighbridge. To find a public weighbridge near you,
    visit: www.gov.uk/find-weighbridge

Staff at each of our 71 Van Centres across the country are fully trained to help advise on vehicle specification and payloads, so you can drive away with a vehicle that suits your business needs.

Next steps

Object weights based on the following: 25kg sand bag, 2kg brick and 40kg MDF board (1220mm x 2440mm).