Caddy Maxi kombi
Caddy Maxi kombi
Caddy Maxi kombi

Caddy Maxi kombi

634 - 694kg
Load volume
1.6 - 4.1
Load length
up to 1,823mm
Load width
up to 5

Perfect for your crew and your kit

The Caddy Maxi kombi offers versatility when you need to transport a crew of up to five and all their kit. The cab has the usual features you’d expect from a Caddy, plus an additional three seats and an impressive cargo area.

Arrive at your destination quickly and safely

The Caddy Maxi kombi can be fitted with a range of innovative driver assistance systems. These constantly analyse driving behaviour, so they can safely intervene to assist you if necessary.

Safety systems - protecting you

To make sure that every drive ends as stress-free as it begins, the Caddy Maxi kombi van is equipped with various safety systems, which are activated in critical situations to protect you.

This state-of-the-art system helps to prevent follow on collisions. When the airbag sensor detects a collision, the brakes are automatically applied to avoid or lessen the impact of a secondary collision. The hazard and brake lights are illuminated, and the driver can take control at any time.

Making parking easy

The clever parking system in the Caddy Maxi kombi warns you of obstacles when parking, simplifies manoeuvring and can even handle the steering for you.

The optional reversing camera simplifies parking by showing you a limited view of the area behind the vehicle, with static guidelines, on the display of the radio or navigation system.


Easily and safely loaded

The Caddy Maxi kombi can transform from a comfortable five-seater into a spacious delivery van. It has a load capacity of 1.6 m³ with the rear seats in place, 3.9 m³ with them folded and 4.1 m³ if you remove them. Featuring a robust rubber floor covering throughout the cab and cargo area, as well as four load-lashing rings.

The Caddy Maxi kombi features a variety of storage areas, so that you can concentrate on the important aspects of your work. Everything has its own place here.

The Caddy features a storage system with a range of compartments and surfaces.

The roof shelf, extending across the full width of the vehicle, opens directly above the driver and front passenger seats. Invisible from outside, it has generous space for gloves, folders or a lunchbox. The storage pockets in the doors can hold a 1 l bottle each, while the centre console is equipped with four cup holders.

For the first time, the Caddy features two open glove compartments, keeping everything in its place.

Everyday comfort

The Caddy Maxi kombi includes an impressive range of comfortable features: intelligent mobile online services, high-quality infotainment systems as well as heating and air conditioning systems.

Modern air conditioning systems adjust the interior temperature in seconds providing cool air on hot days. The seat heating integrated into the front seats delivers warm comfort on cold days. The heated windscreen guarantees good visibility in any weather.

Business Pack

Load your Caddy Maxi kombi up with top-of-the-range features at a fraction of the price.

A lot of extras. For just a little extra

We’re working with you to help build the perfect Volkswagen Caddy Maxi kombi for your business. The Business Pack allows you to upgrade with rear parking sensors, air-conditioning and an alarm for as little as £975 +VAT. That’s a saving of £540 that can go back into your business all while you drive around in a top-of-the-range Caddy Maxi kombi that’s more secure, temperature controlled and easy to manoeuvre into those tight spaces.

Upgrade your Caddy Maxi kombi

Caddy Maxi kombi parked on a construction site

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