, 2017-05-15 14:52:25

The Inspection Service.

Ensuring your vehicle is ready for anything.

Do you and your business rely on having a safe, reliable vehicle? Your competent Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles service partner offers a comprehensive range of inspection and maintenance services to keep it running at its best . Because who knows your vehicle better than we do? Our staff completes every inspection quickly, precisely and for a fair price.    

The benefits at a glance.

  • With regular inspections, you receive the free of charge services that form part of our mobility guarantee
  • These help to retain your vehicle’s value over the long term
  • And when you come to sell it on, having a full service history can help you achieve a higher price    

Extend your vehicle’s service life.

Our Inspection Service ensures that your vehicle is always in peak condition and running safely. So it’s ready for any challenges the roads can throw at it. Our Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles service partners will be happy to explain everything the service covers.