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Volkswagen Classic Parts.

The best replacement parts for your classic vehicle.

When it comes to restoring a classic, one of the most important things to consider is purchasing original parts. It's the only way to ensure you can retain or even increase your vehicle’s value. Volkswagen Classic Parts is a one-stop-shop where you can find all of the replacement parts that have either been removed from the Volkswagen Genuine Parts® catalogue or are no longer availa-ble – from a tiny screw to a cylinder head, or even a genuine vehicle key. And the range is not lim-ited to individual parts and accessories alone. At www.volkswagen-classic-parts.com, you can also download digital versions of historic replacement parts catalogues and repair guides.


Advice from the experts.

Are you the proud owner of a vintage Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle? At Volkswagen Classic Parts, you’ll not only find the replacement components you need, but also a wide range of support to help you with your projects: Our digital repair guides and replacement parts catalogues explain what to expect before you begin the restoration. You can find out which materials you’ll need, as well as discover a range of valuable everyday tips, such as how com-patible older models are with E10 petrol.

One of the most unique services we offer is our key service. If you have an older vehicle, you’ll know that keys can get lost or worn down over the years. Volkswagen Classic Parts can help you find original keys to add the finishing touch to your restoration. Volkswagen Classic Parts also provides a number of other services to help you maintain your vintage Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle.

Buy Original Volkswagen Classic Parts online.

Do you urgently need a replacement part for your classic vehicle, or is it missing something very specific? You’ll find plenty of replacement parts and accessories in the Volkswagen Classic Parts online shop: From the Transporter T1, T2, T3 and T4 to the Caddy 1 and 2, and the LT compact van.

Some replacement parts for older vehicles can also be sourced from your local Volkswagen Com-mercial Vehicles service partner. And if they don’t have the one you need, they can access the Volkswagen Classic Parts range and order it for you. You can even have it delivered straight to their workshop.