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Amarok accessories

Amarok accessories

Volkswagen Amarok accessories

Add space, protection or technology to your Volkswagen Amarok. 

For the latest information, please download the Accessories brochure and Truckman brochure here. Contact your local Volkswagen Van Centre to check accessory suitability and order from the range. 

Discover the Amarok and Amarok Aventura Special Edition.

  • 13-pin towing electrics

    Ask your Volkswagen Van Centre about pricing.
    For full 13-pin functionality, fit this electrical installation kit. It is pre-assembled for fitting a towing hitch. May also require 7-pin adaptor. See price list for full details.

  • Kenwood Dashboard Camera with Advanced Driver Assistance

    From £175.00 (Fitted price excl. VAT)
    The full HD recording dashboard camera easily records clear images in dark or well-lit settings, ensuring you can capture a clear image of a license plate. The DRV- 410 is also equipped with the latest in accident avoidance sensor technology, including collision warning, lane departure warning and departure delay warning.

  • Kenwood CarPlay/Android Auto multimedia system

    From £941.67 (Fitted price excl. VAT)
    Keeping you fully connected with CarPlay and Android Auto. Features include 7” wide touchscreen, Garmin European navigation, Bluetooth hands-free calling, music streaming and browsing.

  • Hard tonneau cover 1 piece

    From £1229.17 (Fitted price excl. VAT)
    Lockable tonneau cover made of sturdy aluminium that protects the load area. Cannot be used with rear styling bar.

  • Hard tonneau cover - 3 piece

    From £1,362.50 (Fitted price excl. VAT)
    Lockable, weather-resistant three-piece cover made from durable PC/ABS plastic.
    Opens on two gas-lift struts. Available pre-painted in a range of Amarok colours.
    The 3-piece cover must be combined with rear styling bars.

  • Roll and Lock Cover

    From £1,302.50 (Fitted price excl. VAT)
    Available in Black or Silver. This popular cover protects the load area and can be opened in increments, allowing taller objects to be carried.

  • Truckman Grand

    From £1,618.33 (Fitted price excl. VAT)
    Renowned for its stylish and sporty design, the bestselling Truckman Grand perfectly complements the chiselled contours of the Volkswagen Amarok. Exceptionally robust, with a premium colour coded finish, the Volkswagen Amarok and the Truckman Grand are an impressive match and comes with a 3 year warranty. Perfect for everyone – from families to outdoor adventurers looking for a stylish, secure and feature rich hardtop with pop-out tinted windows, LED high level brake light interior light and remote central locking.

  • Truckman GLS

    From £1,623.50 (Fitted price excl. VAT)
    This luxury, sporty hardtop offers mobile ventilation with the help of lockable sliding side tinted windows and remote central locking. The sleek style of the Truckman GLS effortlessly complements the lines of the Volkswagen Amarok and comes coded with a 3 year warranty. With a range of features, including LED high level brake light and interior light, this hardtop is ideal for families and business owners looking to keep the contents of their truck bed secure and well ventilated.

  • Truckman RS

    From £1,687.25 (Fitted price excl. VAT)
    Transform the Volkswagen Amarok with the bestselling commercial hardtop. Secure and robust, with solid sides - the Truckman RS is the ideal solution for commercial customers. The RS delivers a stylish and streamlined body with the emphasis on security and has a piece of mind 3 year warranty. Designed, engineered and manufactured in the UK.

  • Truckman Utility

    From £2,376.63 (Fitted price excl. VAT)
    Designed for security and to withstand the rigours of commercial life, the heavy-duty utility top is robust and offers great access through lockable side and rear openings. Features include a wash clean interior and the flexibility to be fitted with plylining.

  • 19" Aragonit black alloy wheels

    From £277.09 (Fitted price excl. VAT)
    19 x 8J alloy wheels. Requires 255/55 R19 tyre.

  • 19" Aragonit silver alloy wheels

    From £269.92 (Fitted price excl. VAT)
    19 x 8J alloy wheels. Requires 255/55 R19 tyre.

  • Rear styling bars - stainless steel

    From £725.36 (Fitted price excl. VAT)
    When mounted, these polished chrome 76mm tubes allow unrestricted access to your load area. Compatible with the three-piece hard tonneau cover and the roll-and-lock cover.

  • Rear styling bars - black

    From £512.06 (Fitted price excl. VAT)
    When mounted, these powder-coated 76mm tubes allow unrestricted access to your load area. Compatible with the three-piece hard tonneau cover and the roll-and-lock cover.

  • Plastic load-liner

    From £259.17 (Fitted price excl. VAT)
    This tough load liner fits snuggly to the load floor, front wall, rear tailboard and side walls – protecting your Amarok’s load area against damage.

  • Side bars

    From £395.83 (Fitted price excl. VAT)
    We offer a range of side bars for the Amarok for protection and style. Please speak to your local Van Centre to check availability and compatibility with your vehicle.

  • Stainless steel side bars with LED lighting

    From £662.83 (Fitted from excl. VAT)
    Stainless steel side bars protect your Amarok's sills and enhance its side profile. Integrated LED downlights and a grippy tread surface make getting in and out safer and easier, and the high-gloss polished surface completes the look.

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