, 2019-07-05 00:05:51
Used Transporter panel van highline in Chestnut Brown on a light blue background

Used vehicle warranty

You need every part of your business to perform perfectly, and that includes your vehicles. Every approved used van from Das WeltAuto comes with a comprehensive warranty.

van being checked in a repair centre

We’ve got you covered

Our comprehensive warranty lasts for 12 months, if the used van you buy is less than three years old. If it’s over three years old, your warranty will last for six months. And if your van’s less than two years old, it will include what’s left of the original manufacturer’s warranty which covers your vehicle until it reaches 100,000 miles or three years in age.

Our warranty covers repairs, parts and labour, up to the market value of your vehicle, with no excess to pay1. Engine, gearbox and suspension are all covered – including parts.

And we’ll keep you on the road

Engineer in front of a Crafter van

We know that your business needs every vehicle on the road every day. While your Das WeltAuto used van is under warranty, you’ll also have 24/7 Roadside Assistance – so if anything does go wrong, help is always at hand.

If your van’s taken to a Volkswagen Van Centre and repairs take longer than usual, we’ll lend you a replacement so you can keep your business running.

Vehicle Age
Warranty as standard
Roadside Assistance
Vehicle 0-2 years old
Balance of manufacturer warranty
Balance of Volkswagen Roadside Assistance
Vehicle 2-3 years old
12 months warranty comprising balance of manufacturer warranty plus Volkswagen "top-up" warranty
12 months Volkswagen Roadside Assistance
Vehicle 3-5 years old
6 months Volkswagen warranty
6 months Volkswagen Roadside Assistance

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