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Volkswagen Amarok, Crafter, Transporter and Caddy standing together

Working With You

A van isn't just a van – it's the bedrock of your business. At Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles our goal is to be your trusted partner in business. We're dedicated to working with you to provide the right vehicles, finance, services and support you need to keep your vehicles on the road and your business moving forward.

Technology that works with you

Safety, comfort, styling, technology, load space and storage. Whatever your requirements our vehicles are designed to meet your needs. Take a look at some of our latest features and technologies that take the hard work out of driving.
  • City Emergency Braking

    Multiple destinations, constant stopping and starting, irregular traffic flows - city driving can be a real hazard. Front Assist with City Emergency Braking available as standard across our van range helps to keep you safer by detecting traffic up front and applying the brakes automatically if you get too close.

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  • Park Assist

    Parking at the push of a button. Park Assist is a useful option to help take the pain out of parking by doing it for you, no matter how tight the space. Just sit back, work the pedals and the technology does the hard work for you.

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  • Car-Net App-Connect panel touchpad

    Control your phone safely from behind the wheel with Car-Net App-Connect. You can control your apps from your driving seat without taking your eyes off the road. It mirrors your smartphone on the display in front of you, so you can control radio or navigation apps using the touchpad.

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    From roads to back streets to goods yards to building sites, commercial vehicle drivers experience all kinds of surfaces in all kinds of weather. 4MOTION adapts your vehicle perfectly to every kind of terrain for peak performance in all conditions. The system uses sensors to detect road conditions and distributes power among the 4 wheels accordingly for total command of the road.

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  • DSG

    Our dual clutch Direct Shift Gearboxes combine the accuracy and touch of a manual with the simplicity of an automatic. The technology uses multiple shafts to manage and anticipate shifts more accurately. The result is fast, precise ultra-smooth gear changes and even more confidence and control for you behind the wheel.

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