A socially responsible partner

The integral characteristics of our company culture

  • Superior value

  • Social responsibility

  • Active sustainability

Now add our constant focus on quality, innovation and environmental integrity and you have the basis for a sound business relationship.

Partnership with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, just like everything we build, is a thing that can be relied upon.

Fleet World 2012 Best Sml Van Award Caddy

Our commitment to sustainability

Year after year, the Volkswagen Group meets the stringent requirements of the world's leading sustainability indexes.

  • Our Technical Development department's Environmental Management System has been awarded DIN EN ISO 14001 certification fifteen times

  • Our Environmental Management and Sustainability Reporting is highly-respected and praised

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Our responsibility to the environment

Our core values towards environmental issues are always of the highest standard.

Our superior commitment includes:

  • Driver assistance and traffic management technology - reducing accident risk, congestion and environmental issues

  • Developing production capabilities for innovative fuels

  • Reducing pollutant emissions

  • Recycling end-of-life vehicles - surpassing statutory regulations

Contact our Fleet Management team:

We value the environment just as much as you. See how our policies ensure the environment and your Fleet keep going. Contact our Fleet Management team to learn more.

Fleet Sales: call us on 0800 808 9998 or email us on businesscentre@vwcv.co.uk
Fleet Aftersales: call us on 0800 952 0031 or email us on customercare@volkswagencv.co.uk