Owner Reviews

Spin the chairs around and you're set for the night

The Smiths - James, 36, Jenny, 35, and Tom, 7 months - From Stockport, Gtr Manchester - California owners Two years

We love how you arrive, switch off the engine, spin the chairs around and you're set for the night. No pitching a tent in the dark and rain!

We've been to the Alps skiing and the glorious Gower Peninsula in South Wales to surf and walk the dunes. We've gone cycling in the Lakes, driven to the Isle of Skye and been rock climbing in the hills at Torridon on Scotland's north-west coast.

We save money on every ferry trip, too, because the California is the same length as a regular MPV.

Our international express courier business has been using Volkswagen vans since 1999. When we set up the company we wanted to use Volkswagens as they're not too big and bulky and have great fuel economy and longevity.

Top tip The rear-bumper cover is £40 brilliantly well spent. It has saved our paintwork many times.


It's so easy to load our kayaks onto the roof

Jamie Austen, 36, and Lou Turner, 26 - From Kent - California owners One year

Last year, we travelled through Germany in our California and continued on into Austria, where we spent a week at the European Canoe and Kayak Freestyle Championships. Then we travelled down to Slovenia for some white-water kayaking.

It's easy to kit out the California to carry sporting gear. Now we just pack up and get away from it all whenever we fancy. It's great having easy access to the roof to load our kayaks, and being able to raise the roof to make a sleeping area.

Top tip Can load up to 50kg on the roof and still raise the roof to set up your second bedroom.


I love the thought that's gone into the design

Joanne Dowland

It was raining when we arrived at Lake Annecy, so we just carried on to Provence and St Tropez. You have the freedom to do that with the California.

I love the thought that's gone into the design. Even when the bed is out, you can still get to the food cupboards. The cuttlery tray pulls out over the bed, too.

You can park up anywhere and enjoy your holiday with a California

Heidi Collis

It's so convenient. You can park up anywhere and enjoy your holiday with a California; you don't need to spend ages setting up.

It's so easy to drive, I can take it anywhere without a problem. There hasn't been a weekend when we haven't gone away in the California.

Sleeping arrangements aren't a problem

Simon Hambly and family

Sleeping arrangements aren't a problem - the children are comfortably upstairs and we're downstairs with plenty of room.

The Beach was a dream to drive down to Cornwall

James Garratt

My California Beach is my main vehicle, so I use it everyday for work as well as for going out at weekends and trips away.

The Beach was a dream to drive down to Cornwall. We spent the days touring, then parked up by a beach for the night.