BlueMotion Technology

BlueMotion Technology is available on most of the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle range. It's made up of elements which - added together - make significant reductions in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions - keeping more money in your pocket and reducing our environmental impact.

BlueMotion technology

Regenerative braking

When you brake, energy during deceleration is wasted. Our energy recuperation system uses some of that momentum to turn the alternator and charge the battery. If the battery is well charged, the engine has to do less work turning the alternator to keep it topped up. Which all means your fuel use is cut and your emissions reduced.

Start stop


Start/Stop allows you to save fuel at traffic lights. When you stop, put your van in neutral and release the clutch: the engine will automatically switch off - saving fuel and reducing emissions. When you're ready to go, depress the clutch and the engine starts up again. Simple, but very effective.

Low rolling

Low rolling resistance

Fitting tyres with low rolling resistance means that the engine doesn't have to work as hard to get your van moving - or keep it moving. This is especially useful when you're carrying large payloads, and is just another way in which our BlueMotion Technologies help you save fuel and reduce carbon emissions, while still offering excellent performance.

Cruise control

Cruise control

By keeping your van at a constant speed, cruise control saves fuel that would normally be wasted when your speed fluctuates. It's especially useful for driving over long stretches, because it stops your speed creeping up unintentionally and reduces driver stress.