60 Years of Transporter

Volkswagen Transporter Celebrates Six Decades of UK Success

2014 marked a significant milestone in the history of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles: sixty years ago, the first ever right-hand drive Transporter arrived in the UK. Simple, cleverly engineered and more practical than anything else on the road at the time, the T1 marked the start of a revolution in the commercial vehicle industry. Today, celebrating its diamond anniversary, the jewel in the commercial vehicles’ crown is one of the world’s biggest-selling light commercial vehicles, with variants such as the camper enjoying cult status across generations of owners.

The Transporter’s appeal remains unique. Over the years, the Transporter has helped millions of owners build businesses and fulfil dreams. From globetrotters to gardeners, beatniks to builders, the Transporter has become the default choice for many generations. And while the Transporter has evolved dramatically during that time – through five generations – the philosophy and vision that created the original still holds true.

In addition to mobilising a nation, the Transporter has also been the backbone of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles for the past six decades. From humble beginnings – just 786 were sold in its first year in the UK – the Transporter has been a driving force for Volkswagen. In 2013, UK sales of the Transporter reached 18,350 – a record figure that demonstrates the vehicle’s appeal is continuing to grow.

Bye Bye, Bulli!

Time to say bye bye, Bulli!

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles: Bye bye, Bulli!

Our very last Volkswagen Bulli recently returned to its roots in Hanover to join the rest of its family - here's its story.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles: The Kombi's Last Wishes

As a tribute to the people who were a part of its life, the Volkswagen Kombi fulfils its last wishes...

Restoring your Volkswagen Van

Restoring your Volkswagen Van

65 years on, still with the same passion as the very first day, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles offer factory restoration services for classic campers and vans.

Original in-house factory restoration

Our restoration and maintenance work takes place in a specially equipped factory workshop located next to the main Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles factory in Hanover. This link between the past and today is one of our most important tools during the restoration of vehicles as it guarantees the necessary know-how and generates a priceless feeling of identification.

The restoration process

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in Germany proudly maintain and preserve classic vehicles through the "Oldtimer" classic vehicles restoration programme. Their work centres on in-house factory restoration, accompanying factory services as well as rentals for commercial purposes.

If you are the proud owner of a classic Volkswagen commercial vehicle or are toying with the idea of fulfilling a lifelong dream you can contact the factory to assess what needs to be done.

Whether you are interested in full restoration or minor cosmetic repairs, a team of highly qualified mechanics will attend to your needs on a completely individual basis and with the highest standards on quality and care. You have our word on this - and you'll receive a certificate of authenticity once our work has been completed as well.

If you would like to get your classic Volkswagen Van restored please email 

The Restoration Process

  • 1. Researching the original state of the vehicle.

    In order to restore your classic vehicle to as true to the original as possible, we need to know how it first rolled off the production line all those years ago. In most cases, the vehicle itself will provide this information. Its original state can easily be reconstructed thanks to the M-code plate. And on the rare occasions when this may not be possible, we are happy to research the original state of the vehicle on the basis of its vehicle identification number and with the help of our databases.

  • 2. Initial evaluation and preparation of our offer.

    At the factory workshop, our experts will take a look to gain an overall first impression and speak to you about your ideas and requirements. They will then meticulously examine the current state of your Volkswagen commercial vehicle in detail - which will allow us to calculate the cost of restoration as accurately as possible at this early stage. Only then will you decide how elaborate the work on your classic vehicle is going to be.

  • 3. Complete disassembly.

    We literally turn everything inside out. By completely dismantling the vehicle, we can examine and work on the substance of its individual components. Our experts will scrutinise absolutely everything - from the engine to headlights.

  • 4. Chemical dip paint stripping and de-rusting.

    Before we apply a new coat of paint, everything else has to be removed first. In large dipping basins, effective yet gentle solvents eliminate the traces of the past - such as corrosion in small hollow spaces or stubborn underbody protection and powder coating. This is done without affecting the surface tension or the modular structure of the metal.

  • 5. Repairs and restoration.

    In addition to that of the engine and gearbox the function of all other electrical and mechanical components is tested. If any of these requirements are not met, the defective parts will be replaced with originals or authentic replicas by Volkswagen Classic Parts.

  • 6. Refurbishing the interior.

    Whether you are looking for camping equipment, leather furnishings or vintage seat upholstery: we can refurbish the interior according to your exact wishes and plans. From high-quality seat upholstery and curtains in the original vintage designs to kitchen units with integrated refrigerators - everything is possible. Let your creativity run wild with our experts.

  • 7. Paintwork in original colours.

    Cathodic dip coating allows smooth priming of even the most hidden hollow spaces and hard-to-reach angles. Our electrochemical painting process provides an uninterrupted coat of paint with good adhesion to ensure a high level of corrosion protection. Once the primer has dried, we promptly start applying the topcoat paint finish in original colours. Now your classic vehicle can shine in a brand new light.