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About my vehicle

Discover more about your commercial vehicle. Read more about our warranties, learn what warning lights mean, how to keep your tyres in top condition, and discover the benefits of myVolkswagen.

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Warranties and insurance

We offer a selection of warranties and insurance that give you extra peace of mind. Take a look below to discover more.

Discover our warranties
Learn about extended warranties
Find out about our used vehicle warranty

ABS yellow warning light

Warning lights

If a warning light appears on your display, head to the link below and discover what it’s telling you.

satellite navigation inside a volkswagen van

Satellite navigation

Explore our guides for how to use and update your Volkswagen satellite navigation system. Stay up to date with the latest map updates.

VW technician taking tyre off shelf


From bearing heavy loads to long drives, the tyres on a commercial vehicle go through a lot. Find out how to keep yours in top working order.

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Once you connect with myVolkswagen, you can manage all your current and on-order vehicles in one place. Get started.

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