• Price starting from: £43,541 OTR including PiVG deduction1
  • Electric range combined (WLTP):254 miles
  • Charge time 5% to 80%:approx. 30 minutes

ID. Buzz Cargo: commercial mobility in a new dimension

What do you expect from a modern day commercial vehicle? If it’s electric drive, sufficient loading space, volume and comfort and convenience for long journeys, then look no further than the new ID. Buzz Cargo - the first all-electric van from Volkswagen

Thanks to modern connectivity, digital systems and many intelligent features, the ID. Buzz Cargo, visually inspired by the first campervan, is designed to make your working life even easier.

Put all this together and you get a powerful commercial vehicle with impressive sustainability credentials that masters the challenges of your everyday work.

Great Things start with a smile


Redesigned cargo space makes the ID. Buzz Cargo ready for work.

Large cargo space, with compact dimensions and at the same time fully electric, the ID. Buzz Cargo is poised to redefine commercial mobility. 

The ID. Buzz Cargo parks in front of a house with the door open to the side.

More sustainability for modern commercial mobility

The new ID. Buzz Cargo offers modern mobility for almost every trade, with a range of up to 254 miles2 without recharging.  The ID. Buzz Cargo will be delivered to you with a net carbon neutral balance4.

The ID. Buzz cockpit

Tomorrow’s technology - available in the ID. Buzz Cargo today

The new ID. Buzz Cargo supports you in your everyday work with a variety of digital features and future-oriented technology.

Pioneering lighting concept that communicates with you    

The modern lighting design adds to the fun and friendly-looking appearance of the new ID. Buzz Cargo. With the optional Keyless Advance feature, as soon as you approach the vehicle with the car key, you will be greeted with a friendly “wink” as its optional LED matrix headlights swing up electrically from below and light up.

With the "Coming & Leaving Home function", the ID. Buzz Cargo brings light to the dark, too. When you approach the vehicle or leave it, the optional LED matrix headlights and a light projection make the way visible. The innovative lighting technology of the ID. Buzz Cargo provides highlights in everyday work.

Images are for illustration purposes only and do not necessarily reflect the interior of ID. Buzz Cargo

Build your own ID. Buzz Cargo

Discover the features and pricing across the ID. Buzz Cargo range. Simply select your preferred trims by clicking ‘Add to comparison’ and see all of their standard features and optional extras at a glance. Once you’ve decided on the ID. Buzz Cargo you’d like to take a closer look at, click ‘Build your own’ to get started.

The new ID. Buzz Cargo comes with three consecutive services and MOT included as standard7

Plus, see the latest offers and finance options available for the ID. Buzz Cargo

Photo of an ID.Buzz Cargo parked in front of an orange wall with the Van of the year award logo in the corner.

ID. Buzz Cargo named "International Van of the Year 2023"

The ID. Buzz Cargo has been awarded the prestigious industry award "International Van Of The Year 2023". IVOTY Chairman Jarlath Sweeney presented the award on behalf of the 34 international commercial vehicle journalists who make up the IVOTY jury: “It’s not too often that a totally new van concept comes around and arouses so much attention in the marketplace. Congratulations to Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle‘s development team on creating this unique vehicle."

Carsten Intra, Chief Executive Officer of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles said: “We are honored and proud to receive this award for the ID. Buzz Cargo. A huge thank you to the IVOTY jury and to everyone at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles who contributed to making the ID. Buzz Cargo the best van in its class.”

Fully networked: connectivity & technology

  • Over-the-air updates

    Software updates increase the functionality of the digital systems of your ID. Buzz Cargo. These can be regularly updated and optimised thanks to over-the-air updates8 using We Connect9

    There’s no need to visit the workshop with the over-the-air updates8, which are sent to and downloaded in the background via the mobile network of your ID. Buzz Cargo.

    As soon as an update is available, a message appears in the infotainment system and you are guided through the individual steps to installation. 

    While your ID. Buzz Cargo parks – let’s say  overnight - the full installation takes place and you can enjoy updated and improved functions the next time you start it. This lets you stay up to date and benefit from our cutting edge digital development even after you have purchased your ID. Buzz Cargo.

  • Car2X

    Vehicles can communicate with each other in road traffic and warn each other of local danger spots. Car2X technology expands the range of a vehicle’s sensors many times over by including information from other road and infrastructure users to assess the current overall situation. Smart software and electronics increase safety to a new level. An example of this is the “Local Warnings” service. The ID. models communicate with each other in a range of 800 metres within milliseconds. Thanks to their numerous sensors, the electric vehicles quickly detect potential hazards – and automatically warn other road users in the vicinity via a Wi-Fi radio signal. 

  • Assistance systems

    The ID. Buzz Cargo is ready today for the mobility of tomorrow. For the first time in a commercial vehicle from Volkswagen,  smart assistance systems range from automatic parking, local warning and hazard messages (Car2X), and the latest version of the optional Travel Assist with swarm data10. This system can help to keep you in lane, maintain the distance to the vehicle in front and the maximum speed you have set. The Travel Assist adapts to your driving style and can also adjust your driving position further to the left or further to the right in your own lane10 instead of being exactly in the middle.

    In addition, Travel Assist actively supports you with swarm data on the motorway when changing lanes10 If swarm data is available, the Travel Assist only has to rely on one recognised lane boundary to stay in lane, for example on country roads without lane markings in the middle10. In addition, the Travel Assist has predictive cruise control and cornering assistance. The vehicle speed can be adjusted to the applicable speed limits and the course of the road (curves, roundabouts, etc.)10

    The optional ‘IQ. Light’ LED matrix headlights matrix headlights also act with foresight. In combination with the optional Light Assist, they automatically fade up and down when driving at night before other road users are dazzled11. Innovative and fully connected, the ID. Buzz Cargo will get you to your destination more comfortably.

Brochure and pricing

The new ID. Buzz Cargo has been approved for the government funded Plug-in Van Grant (PiVG) - with a potential deduction of up to £5,000 from the £48,541 OTR pricing1.

The ID. Buzz Cargo brochure and price list

ID. Buzz Cargo offers