Photo showing a family next to a Multivan parked in an apartment complex.

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The new Multivan

The new Multivan

A new era will begin in Spring 2022 for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles with the new Multivan, which replaces the Caravelle 6.1. With an exterior designed to pay homage to its predecessor and a plug-in hybrid powertrain available, it opens an exciting new chapter. Built with safety and convenience in mind, the new Multivan will feature a huge range of digital and connected services as well as 34 driver-assist systems.

Hybrid power

For the first time in a Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle, the new Multivan will be available as a plug-in hybrid. The new Multivan eHybrid is equipped with a 1.4 TSI 150PS engine complemented by a 85kW electric motor produces a combined power output of 218PS to give you silent, zero-emission driving on shorter trips while also providing the flexibility to take on longer journeys. It features a bespoke 6-speed DSG gearbox. The new Multivan’s 13kW lithium-ion battery is stored under the flat floor, maximising interior space and creating a lower centre of gravity for superb handling. And when you need to top up the battery, all you need to do is plug into a charger.

The new Multivan 

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A child looking through the glass roof of the Multivan.

Unrivalled sense of space

Flexibility and space are offered in abundance in the new Multivan. Enjoy sky views and an interior bathed in light with the optional two-part tilting panoramic roof with coated laminated safety glass, that reduces heat radiation by 78 percent. The new Multivan benefits from a completely flat floor with no centre console as the electronic handbrake and automatic DSG gearbox ergonomically integrated into the instrument panel creating yet more room for passengers.

Kids playing inside the Multivan.

A new seating concept

Inside, the new Multivan is more flexible and spacious than ever with a new modular seating system. With space for up to seven seats, the rear five seats can be moved and removed to suit any activity, while the second row can be fixed in a rear-facing position to create a conference style seating configuration.


Multifunction table

The innovative multi-function table can be moved between any of the seating rows, and for the first time can be used as a centre console between the front seats. Height adjustable, featuring three cup holders and a storage bin, the multi-function table is perfect for working on-the-go or keeping the kids occupied during longer journeys.

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