ID. Buzz in the forest
ID. Buzz in the forest
ID. Buzz in the forest

Volkswagen electric vans

Transporting your future

We believe that the future of commercial vehicles is electric. From fleet managers to owner drivers, we know vans are key to your business – and with compact batteries, short charge times and unobstructed load areas, electric vans are fast becoming a feasible option for your business.

All things electric 

ABT eTransporter charging in a city

Do customers want businesses to go electric?

Consumers are more ecologically aware than ever before and going electric could help your business thrive.

An eCrafter parked and charging

How going electric can save you money

Plug-in vehicle grant, workplace charging scheme are just a few examples of how your business could save money by going electric.

Electric vehicle servicing

Like any other vehicles, electric vans require regular maintenance but it is simpler.

Man charging ID. Buzz van

Charging your electric vehicle

It’s official – there are now more charging stations in the UK than there are petrol stations, so it’s never been easier to keep your electric vehicle fully charged and ready to go.

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Our upcoming electric van range combines decades of experience and proven technology

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