Close-up of a futuristic VW Van on a dark background
Close-up of a futuristic VW Van on a dark background
Close-up of a futuristic VW Van on a dark background

Future vehicles

The idea that launched an incredible journey

According to legend, the Dutch Volkswagen importer Ben Pon played a part in the development of the first Volkswagen Transporter in 1947 with a sketch in his notebook. Unknown to him, Pon had started Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles on a 70-year journey that continues today as we innovate by blending our heritage with cutting-edge technologies.

people on the beach next to a caddy california with tent

Coming soon: the new Caddy California

Available to order from autumn 2021. The Caddy California completes the California family. This new compact camper based on the award-winning Caddy, the Caddy California features a new, foldable bed, retractable mini-kitchen and clever and practical storage compartments as standard. The Caddy California is perfect for everyday and longer journeys.

The new VW Multivan in an apartment complex environment with a family around it

The new Multivan: the next chapter

The new Multivan, the successor to the Caravelle, carries all the genes of our iconic MPV design. It has space, versatility and safety at its core, while offering exciting state-of-the-art technology. Combining the performance of a passenger car with the space of a van, the new Multivan is perfect for family adventures and business trips alike.

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Children playing inside the new VW Multivan.

A new seating concept

Inside, the new Multivan is more flexible and spacious than ever with a new modular seating system. With space for up to seven seats, the rear five seats can be moved and removed to suit any activity, while the second row can be fixed in a rear-facing position to create a conference style seating configuration.


Multifunction table

The innovative multi-function table can be moved between any of the seating rows, and for the first time can be used as a centre console between the front seats. Height adjustable, featuring three cup holders and a storage bin, the multi-function table is perfect for working on-the-go or keeping the kids occupied during longer journeys.

The new Multivan 

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Get ready for the new Amarok

The latest edition of the award-winning Amarok is due to make its first appearance in 2022. Its multi-award-winning predecessor consistently came out on top in tests against rivals, and the new model is expected to be ready to tackle the toughest challenges with a range of innovative new features. 

If you can’t wait for the new model, take a look at our used vehicle locator to find a pre-loved Amarok, certified by our award-winning Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Approved Used programme.

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Designed for a better future

Providing mobility for all has always our guiding principle, and now this includes electric driving too. All of our upcoming vehicles have been designed from the ground up meaning our electric range doesn’t compromise on practicality, versatility or performance. From big ideas to the finer details, our new models will revolutionise light commercial vehicles and help make the future better for everyone.