We Connect

Your vehicle's technology, at your fingertips

With Volkswagen We Connect1 your vehicle can now be even more digital, closely integrated and comfortable. A wide range of services can conveniently be accessed via your smartphone and the We Connect1 App. The app connects your smartphone to the vehicle with an integrated eSIM card. Expand the features below for more information on the key elements of We Connect.

  • Breakdown call icon

    Breakdown call

    In the event of a breakdown, we get to your location quickly. With ‘Breakdown Call’, you can call for breakdown assistance from your vehicle with the press of a button. The system will send your location and vehicle information directly to our breakdown service partner. 

  • Parking Position icon

    Parking Position

    The ‘Parking Position’ Service shows where your car is located. If necessary it can also show you the fastest way of getting to it

  • Service Scheduling icon

    Service Scheduling

    You drive – Volkswagen ‘Service Scheduling’ looks after the rest. When a service appointment is pending, your Volkswagen passes on all key data to your preferred Volkswagen retailer, who will in turn contact you.  

  • eCall service icon

    Emergency Call Service 

    With the ‘Emergency Call Service’, you are covered in the event of a serious incident. In emergency situations, your vehicle calls for help automatically, or alternatively you can press a button to do so

  • Lock and Unlock icon

    Lock and Unlock2

    ‘Lock and Unlock’ allows you to control the central locking system of your vehicle – using your smartphone, you can conveniently lock and unlock the doors and luggage compartment.

  • Online anti-theft alarm icon

    Online Anti-Theft Alarm2

    If an attempt is made to break into the car, the ‘Online Anti-Theft Alarm’ will inform the We Connect app on your smartphone or by email. 

How to set up and use We Connect

Setting up We Connect is quick and easy. Simply follow the four steps listed below.

Download the We Connect app

Download the free We Connect app for your smartphone for free. The We Connect app for Android is available in the Google Play StoreOpens an external link or the App StoreOpens an external link for iOS.

Create your user account

Log into to the app using your We Connect account. If you haven't set up an account yet, the app will guide you through each step of the registration process.

Ensure you have both sets of vehicle keys

Now you can pair your vehicle to the account via the vehicle’s infotainment system, and set yourself as the ‘Primary User.’ Please ensure you have both sets of keys with you to do the next step.

Pair your vehicle to your We Connect account

To complete pairing, in the vehicle infotainment system, select 'Users' from the menu:

  • Sign in to your We Connect account as a new user
  • Conclude the We Connect contract 
  • Select 'Become Primary User' 
  • Select 'Synchronise' - you should now see the vehicle in your mobile app and can take advantage of the We Connect features. 

Pairing may not work first time, reset the infotainment system to factory settings and follow from step three again. Also, ensure the ignition is on but the engine is off.

We Connect FAQs

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