We Connect

More connected than ever

With Volkswagen We Connect1 your vehicle can now be even more digital, closely integrated and comfortable. A wide range of services can conveniently be accessed through the Transporter 6.1 and Crafter via your smartphone and the We Connect1 App. The app connects your smartphone to the vehicle with an integrated eSIM card.  Click on the features below for more information on the We Connect packages, including short videos explaining each function. 

We Connect Basic

The We Connect Basic1 package includes various vehicle reports, breakdown call and useful tools for service planning ensuring your vehicle’s information is always up to date.  The parking position finder is also included and helps to locate your vehicle. In the event of an accident, should the driver activate the ‘eCall’ button or the airbags are deployed triggering the ‘eCall’ service,  the Emergency services will be contacted directly. Vital information such as the condition and location of the vehicle will be sent to emergency response units.

Explore the features included in We Connect Basic. 

Basic features
Vehicle monitoring

We Connect Plus

Many other services can be added with the We Connect Plus1 package2, including the online anti-theft warning system which immediately sends a message to the linked mobile phone in the event of a burglary attempt. Thanks to the online map material always being up to date, you can also track the exact location of your vehicle. To take advantage of these exclusive services, register with the We Connect1 Portal. Once your vehicle has been activated, a variety of Mobile Online Services will be available. The optional Discover Media Navigation can benefit from the live navigation features for up to 3 years.

Explore the features included in We Connect Plus. 

In addition to We Connect
with Discover Navigation

 Streaming and Internet

As an addition to Discover Navigation, We Connect’s Streaming and Internet3 features allow your vehicle to surf and stream directly from the integrated eSIM. With the ability to play internet radio and be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot, the vehicle is more connected than ever.

Explore the features included in We Connect Streaming and Internet.

All features
with Streaming & Internet

How to set up and use We Connect

Setting up We Connect is quick and easy. Simply follow the four steps listed below.

Download the We Connect app

Download the free We Connect app for your smartphone for free. The We Connect app for Android is available in the Google Play Store or the App Store for iOS.

Create your user account

Log into to the app using your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles ID. If you haven't set up an ID yet, the app will guide you through each step of the registration process.

Add your Volkswagen

Use the vehicle identification number (VIN) to add your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle. Your VIN can be found in your registration papers and behind the windscreen of your vehicle.

Activate We Connect

To complete activation, follow the instructions in the app. The app includes detailed instructions for each activation option:

  • Activation with the app and ignition keys
  • Activation in the vehicle
  • Activation in the app via activation code
  • Activation via the vehicle's infotainment system

We Connect FAQs

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