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Roadside Assistance

Keep your business moving with Volkswagen’s Roadside Assistance

For peace of mind whilst on the road, all our new vehicles come with comprehensive roadside assistance for the first three years – at no extra cost.

Our cover includes everything from flat tyres to battery problems and we’re only ever a phone call away: 0800 777 172

What our Roadside Assistance includes

  • Breakdown assistance

    In the event of a breakdown at home or place of work, Volkswagen Roadside Assistance will attend to either repair or recover the vehicle.

  • Home assistance

    There’s nothing more frustrating than being ready to leave the house but finding your vehicle won’t start. If this happens to you when you’re at home or at work, one of our technicians will arrive to get you moving again. They’ll either repair your vehicle on the spot, or take it to your nearest Volkswagen Van Centre or authorised repairer.

  • Vehicle recovery

    We do our best to get your vehicle fixed as soon as possible; preferably at the roadside or at home. However, in the event that we can’t fix the problem, we will arrange for your vehicle to be taken directly to an Authorised Volkswagen Van Centre or repairer so they can fix the problem with all the necessary tools available.

  • Accident recovery

    If you’ve been in an accident and your vehicle cannot be driven, we’ll arrive as quickly as we can to get your vehicle to an Approved Volkswagen Van Centre or authorised repairer.

  • Onward travel

    If your vehicle can’t be repaired at the side of the road, we’ll either give you a replacement vehicle1, arrange alternative transport for you and your passengers2, or arrange nearby hotel accommodation3. So you can be sure you’ll always be looked after, whenever and wherever you are.

  • Secure storage

    If your immobilised vehicle needs overnight storage then we’ll arrange for it to be collected and taken somewhere secure until we’re ready to begin repairs.

  • Message service

    We understand how stressful being stranded can be, which is why we’ll always pass on any messages to friends, family or colleagues so that you can stay connected and continue to handle business from wherever you are.

  • Caravan/trailer assistance

    If you were towing a caravan or a trailer at the time of your breakdown or accident, then Volkswagen will ensure that it’s removed from the road and taken somewhere safe and secure whilst all repairs are taking place.

  • European Assistance

    Your Roadside Assistance is valid throughout Europe, so if you breakdown or have an accident whilst on holiday or working abroad then repair work, overnight accommodation and even vehicle replacement is just a phone call away.

1. In the event of mechanical or electrical breakdown only, Volkswagen Roadside Assistance will arrange and pay for a replacement vehicle up to a maximum of two days. This excludes road traffic accidents.
2. Volkswagen Roadside Assistance will arrange alternative transport for the driver and up to seven passengers to the driver's destination, e.g. by taxi or train.
3. Overnight accommodation for the driver and up to seven passengers. (This does not include the cost of meals and drinks).

With you all the way

Breakdown Assistance when travelling abroad

To make the process as stress-free as possible, we recommend you having the following items with you in the event of a breakdown:

  • Credit/debit card
  • Passport
  • Vehicle registration document
  • Statement of insurance or booking reference
  • International driving permit (where necessary)
  • Motor insurance certificate/Green Card (contact your motor insurer before taking a vehicle out of the United Kingdom to find out if you need a Green Card or to upgrade to fully comprehensive insurance)
  • Driving licence (including paper counterpart if it is a photocard licence)
  • Spare set of keys
  • Set of spare light bulbs and the warning triangle
  • High visibility jackets for all occupants
  • Check your policy details are correct.
 European contact numbers
France & Monaco
0800 290 112
Freephone within France and Monaco
France & Monaco
0472 43 52 55
Pay call
Republic of Ireland
1 800 535 005
Russia & Ukraine 
810 33 472 43 52 55
Pay call

If you cannot find the country you’re in from the list above, please contact us on the usual number and one of our team will assist you: 0800 777 172


How to get roadside assistance when in the UK

As soon as you breakdown, call Volkswagen Roadside Assistance on 0800 777 172. We recommend you saving this number to your phone for easy access in the future.

Please have the following information to hand to make the process as smooth as possible:

  •  Your name and location
  • The registration number and colour of your vehicle
  • Volkswagen model
  • Description of the issue
  • Your mileage (if known)
  • A telephone number where you can be contacted


If you have hearing difficulties, dial 18001 before dialling 0800 777 172 to be connected to Text Relay, or use the SMS facilities on 07900 444 999. Please note these services are not available outside the United Kingdom.


If you'd like to give us some feedback

We’re always looking for ways to improve our service and we welcome both complaints and compliments.

If you would like to give us feedback on our Roadside Assistance then don’t hesitate to get in touch at:

Volkswagen Roadside Assistance Customer Care
Lambert House
Stockport Road

Tel: 0844 209 0556
Fax: 0161 488 7544
Email: vwgcustomercareoperations@theAA.com

If you have an issue that isn’t related to Volkswagen Roadside Assistance, then please contact us here:

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Customer Services
Selectapost 14
S97 3ZT

Tel: 0800 783 4909
Email: customercare@vwcv.co.uk

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