ABT e-Transporter panel van charging in the street

Electric Vehicle Servicing: What's included?

The Inspection Service for electric vehicles includes:

We’ll make sure to check the:

  • Breakdown set
  • Charging cable
  • Lights
  • Bonnet lock
  • High-voltage charging socket
  • Condition of the front and rear brake discs
  • Engine and components in the engine compartment
  • Presence of the warning sticker
  • Tyre condition, wear patterns and tread depths
  • Tyre pressures and correct them if necessary
  • 12V Battery
  • Check the brake fluid level
  • Check the anti-freeze and coolant level and refill
  • Check the washers and wipers and top-up fluid
  • The high-voltage components and high-voltage lines
  • Measure the potential compensation and insulation resistance
  • Power steering

And we’ll also:

  • Run a vehicle systems test and read fault memories
  • Reset the service interval display
  • Charge the high-voltage battery

The Extended Inspection Service for electric vehicles includes:

In addition to The Inspection Service, we'll also check the:

  • Interior lights
  • Windscreen
  • Sliding roof
  • Doors and hatches for body corrosion 
  • Door arrester
  • Brake system and shock absorbers
  • Steering supension for wear and leaks
  • Undercoat and the underbody panels for damage


What’s Excluded?

All non-standard service work:
  • Glass including windscreen glass and headlamp lenses
  • Roadside assistance
  • Body repairs
  • Tyre replacement or puncture repair
  • Oil, air and fluid top-ups between services
  • Air conditioning
  • Filters, unless otherwise stated
  • Maintenance and repair of non-factory or non-standard fitted items/accessories
  • MOT
  • Camshaft belts/chains
  • Wear and tear items

Damage caused by:

  • Negligence, abuse or misuse and accidents
  • Any form of corrosion including pollution, water, chemical, salt and weather
  • Using incorrect oil or fuel
  • Any additions to a service unless otherwise stated