Direct shift gearbox

Direct shift gearbox

Ease of an automatic with the responsiveness of a manual

Our dual clutch direct shift gearbox (DSG) can be used as a fully automatic gearbox, or as a responsive quick-shift manual. The innovative dual clutch system facilitates an instant gear change, whilst helping to maintain swift and smooth progress.

How does it work?

The key word is 'anticipation'. DSG is a ground-breaking 'two-in-one' concept. Available in a 7-speed version, it's totally unlike a conventional automatic transmission. Twin electronically controlled shafts manage gear selection, always anticipating your next shift. 

When you turn the engine on and select Drive mode, one shaft selects first gear while the second shaft puts the next gear on standby. As the gearbox changes to second, the second shaft is engaged and the original shaft reaches third. As you shift upwards the sequence continues in a series of seamless moves. Because power is simply switched from one shaft to another, not only are gearshifts silky smooth, but they are also very fast - each change takes less than four-hundredths of a second.


Want to take over? You can also control the DSG manually. Nudge the DSG gear lever forwards or backwards to change gear. 

DSG is available across most of our range.

DSG Direct Shift gearbox


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