Brake system

The red brake system light means that you should stop the van as soon as it's safe.

Red brake light warning light

Roadside assistance: 0800 777 172

1. Is the handbrake applied?

Yes: The handbrake is applied. Remove the handbrake. If the light is still on, go to step 2. If the light turns off, you can continue driving normally.

No: The handbrake is not applied. Go to step 2.

2. Is the brake fluid level ok?

Yes, the brake fluid level is ok. If the warning light is still illuminated, please contact roadside assistance.

No, the brake fluid level is below the correct level. Top it up to the correct level. For help, contact roadside assistance.

3. Has the warning light gone out?

Yes, the warning light has gone out. Continue driving.

No, the warning light has not gone out. Contact roadside assistance.

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