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TDI Engines

New TDI and BiTDI engines with the Euro 6 emissions standard

The latest generation Euro 6 TDI and BiTDI common-rail diesel engines provide excellent economy and an abundance of usable torque. Both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions have been reduced without sacrificing the driving dynamics.

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Why drive a TDI?

  • You’ll enjoy the savings. All our Euro 6 TDI and BiTDI engines include efficiency technologies consisting of Start/Stop, low rolling resistance tyres and regenerative braking as standard.
  • You'll love the drive. Our turbo diesel engines offer a quiet and refined driving experience through effective sound insulation. Additionally, our new EU6 150PS and 204PS engines have balance shafts integrated in the cylinder block ensuring smooth progress.
  • You'll feel the power. High levels of torque over a wide rev range offering plenty of pulling power for shifting heavy loads.

How does it work?

Fuel needs oxygen to burn, so the engine is supplied with huge quantities of air.

Driven by the exhaust gases, it squeezes air more tightly into the cylinders. After being drawn through the turbocharger the air is then cooled by passing it through an air to air intercooler (cool air takes up less space than hot air), before entering the combustion chamber where diesel is injected directly into the cylinders at very high pressure through a nozzle. It's this intensive mixing of highly atomised fuel with the cooled compressed air that leads to better, more efficient combustion.


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