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new VW Caravelle T6.1

Caravelle 6.1

Supremely equipped. Superbly appointed.

For over 30 years, the beautifully engineered Caravelle has met the high standards of professional passenger transport. Its comfortable interior and state-of-the-art infotainment systems, combined with a versatile driver workplace and low fuel consumption make it the ideal vehicle for you and your customers.

Comfort for you and your passengers

Comfort is key in the Caravelle 6.1 with its folding armrests on the driver's seat, clever floor-mounted rail system enabling rear seats for multiple configurations.

  • Lumbar support
    Lumbar support
  • multi functional table
    multi functional table
  • Caravelle T6.1 digital cockpit
    Caravelle T6.1 digital cockpit
  • Caravelle T6.1 telephone interface
    Caravelle T6.1 telephone interface
  • LED lighting inside the transporter
    LED lighting inside the transporter
  • Halogen headlight
    Halogen headlight
  • Lumbar support
    Lumbar support

The optional electric 12-way seat adjustment includes seat heating (Executive only) for the driver and front passenger seats. Your ideal seating position can be found by adjusting the lumbar support, backrest tilt, seat height, seating surface tilt and length. Three different seat configurations can be saved using the memory function.

More comfort, more connectivity

The Caravelle 6.1 makes your journey as comfortable as possible with intelligent mobile online services, next-generation infotainment systems and a redesigned cab environment. The new infotainment systems are fully touchscreen and feature redesigned graphics, as well as an integrated SIM card as standard that offers a range of online functions and services.

  • Transporter T6.1 multifunction steering wheel
    Transporter T6.1 multifunction steering wheel
  • Air conditioning and climate control in VW T6.1 cab
    Air conditioning and climate control in VW T6.1 cab
  • Composition colour
    Composition colour
  • Discover Media
    Discover Media
  • Discover pro
    Discover pro
  • Volkswagen We Connect logo
    Volkswagen We Connect logo
  • Transporter T6.1 multifunction steering wheel
    Transporter T6.1 multifunction steering wheel

As well as offering grip and comfort for hours at the wheel, the multi-function leather steering wheel gives you fingertip control of functions including the radio and cruise control.

eSIM connectivity in T6.1 range

Constant online connectivity

All-new across the T6.1 range, the integrated SIM card (eSIM) comes as standard with the new infotainment systems. The eSIM opens up a range of online-based functions and services to T6.1 owners.

For example, following an accident, eCall automatically send the vehicle location to an emergency response centre and establishes a voice connection. If the driver doesn't respond, eCall automatically informs the emergency services. Internet connectivity also lets the T6.1 access the new 'We Connect' world of mobile online service (MOS).

Advanced technology on the road

Innovative driver assistance and safety systems help you to avoid danger in critical situations, and the new electro-mechanical steering as standard allows the introduction of additional driver assistance features.

A full suite of safety systems

The Caravelle 6.1 features an electromechanical steering system as standard, enabling a range of intelligent driver assistance systems including Crosswind Assist and Lane Assist, which detects road markings to keep the vehicle in its lane. Park Assist simplifies manoeuvring into and out of tight spaces by steering automatically, leaving the driver to operate the pedals.

  • Steering wheel icon
    Steering wheel icon
  • Crosswind Assist explanation graphic