Zipvan drive through London

Keeping London moving

Our pioneering partnership with Zipvan allows customers to hire a Volkswagen Transporter - and with 10 new petrol Transporters now available, there's more choice than ever before.

At Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, we’ve always been committed to improving the quality of our customers’ lives. So we’re delighted to partner with Zipvan, Zipcar's van fleet, a collaboration with the aim to help customers improve mobility.  

To improve their air quality, many major cities, and their respective countries, are beginning to restrict diesel vehicles from their boundaries. The growing list includes cities in the UK, Germany and Norway.

In anticipation of these changes, we expanded our petrol range of vans in June 2017, offering a viable alternative for van operators with our best-selling Transporter model.

We’re delighted to launch this 12-month innovative pilot of 10 new petrol Transporter models. These Trendline panel vans with a 2.0-litre TSI 150 PS engine and manual gearbox will be available to hire from Zipvan’s London-based fleet locations.

The van market is currently dominated by diesel, but we know that customers are aware of changes to legislation and are looking for other options.
Sarah Cox
Head of Marketing
Zipvan drive through bridge

A pioneering partnership

In this climate, car sharing only looks set to grow due to a combination of heavily rising populations, increasing demands on road space, air quality issues and chronic congestion.

We’re proud to be leading such a fundamental shift in the way people get around the UK’s cities. And it’s rewarding to know that we’ve been a key part of the Zipcar success story, right from the beginning.

We’re confident the vans will perform well for our members. We’ve also ensured that the message comes across through the livery that these vans are petrol-fuelled, to encourage companies to consider their options when it comes to their commercial fleets.
Jonathan Hampson

Starting the journey together

Zipcar UK (formerly Streetcar) launched in 2004 with just one model of car—the VW Golf. Then, in 2007, VWCV partnered with Zipcar to launch Zipvan. This service quickly grew until Zipvan had 420 diesel vans on London’s streets. These Volkswagen Transporters quickly became a recognisable part of the city, helping savvy Londoners with quick trips to IKEA, house moves and everything in-between.

It’s good to know that those distinctively branded VW Transporters will be buzzing around London’s streets, doing their bit to keep the city moving.


The day will come when the notion of car ownership becomes antiquated. If you live in a city, you don't need to own a car.
Jonathan Hampson
General Manager of Zipcar UK

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