ID. Buzz full of happy passengers

Hardest gig ever

As every parent knows, there’s no tougher crowd than a car full of children. Especially on those loooong family journeys with no end in sight. So, we decided to put comedian and actor, James Buckley to the test with his “hardest gig ever”; four kids on a road trip.

We also lent him the family friendly, all-electric ID. BuzzOpens an external link with its spacious interior, stylish retro design and innovative tech. But despite James’s best efforts, it soon became clear it was going to take a lot to impress this crowd.

Watch the video below to find out what happened.


James first shot to fame as Jay Cartwright in the comedy series The Inbetweeners, entertaining millions with his jokes. More recently James and his wife Clair discuss the nitty gritty details of marriage and family life in their new podcast In Sickness and in Health.

But with an audience all under the age of 14, this gig required him to deliver comedy on the move. 

Passengers Yannisyn (5), Mia (8), Elizabeth (12), and Adam (13)  were distinctly unimpressed with James’ repertoire of dad jokes, responding with plenty of eyerolls and heckles. And when they had to pull over for an emergency wee-stop, things were definitely off to a rocky start.

Ultimately however, not even this hard-to-please audience could prove immune to James’ (and the ID Buzz’s) charms. When James demonstrated the car’s Park Assist feature, pulling into a parking spot without touching the steering wheel, the kids were wowed. “It’s witchcraft!” said Michael.  


You can also see James and his wife Clair in their new podcast, In Sickness and in Health, as well as their YouTube channel ‘At Home with the Buckleys’. The ID. Buzz was the vehicle of choice as they venture on a family road trip to the seaside, with all the fun captured in a Vlog.  

Watch the short film here or visit At Home with the BuckleysOpens an external link to see the full version.

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